lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Alucinante de Nigel Farage discutiendo con el presidente de la UE

escrito por Greg Grisham

¿Queréis ver porque Farage arrasó en las elecciones en el Reino Unido? En este vídeo subtitulado de 5 min., de Farage debatiendo con el presidente de la Comisión EEUUropea, queda claro porque.  Ahí en esta página de youtube tenéis a unos cuantos vídeos de Farage subtitulados para ayudaros llegar a conclusiones. 
Artículo de hoy en EL PÍS:

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We are all Jesuits

There are plenty of reasons to keep a close eye on Herman van Rompuy, the President of the European Council. Early September, Van Rompuy spoke to the 'Interreligious Dialogue' in Florence. The world press did not notice, but fortunately there was still the 'Katholiek Nieuwsblad' from Den Bosch, Rome's last resort in the Netherlands. The newspaper proudly quoted Van Rompuy as announcing: 'We are all Jesuits'. He was referring to those prominent European leaders with whom he is developing the architecture for the future Europe. 'It creates unbreakable ties. So there is a 'Jesuits International''

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Huffington Post did not venture any reason why Juan Carlos might have abdicated. It is this: that Juan Carlos is the head of the Farnese continuum and he’s a high level Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George and a Knight of Malta all wrapped up in one. Carlos’ agenda is Rome’s and not the Spanish people’s. The Jesuits assassinated Lincoln. The Jesuits assassinated JFKennedy by ordering the Mafia to shoot JFK through a sewer, as told by Gambino. The Jesuits shot Reagan after Reagan printed US dollars because his Grace Commission revealed that all of our tax dollars are going to pay the Federal Reserve: